Centering a Town: 16th. Effort/Cubic

As in other designs, the notion of structure is figured. The thick, cubic grid holds the classrooms, elevating and giving them status. They are also set off by the contrast in materials and window patterns. Design could be enhanced by other materials and colors for the grid—stained or stressed metal against the brick, for example, or concrete.

Rear view.

Rear corner. Eleven classrooms in all.

Side view. To identify the corner and emphasize its place on the plaza as well as promote the theme of structure, there are only two classrooms above an extended communal space that is open two floors.

Front corner. The entry, however, is off to the side so there will not be traffic through the communal area.

Front view. Space is tight, but there may be enough room for a spiral staircase in the center, suggesting a hub. Or stairs could be moved to the side or rear bay. In fact the entire area between the classrooms could be open four floors, except where access and landings are needed. Restrooms, utilities are on the right, along the common wall.

Perhaps skylights that continue the gray grid—not modeled—could be added above the center and the three bays, giving the impression the classrooms are contained within structure and suspended in light.

Background and Previous Designs

Other designs for this project, along with background material and more photographs of site, can be found here and at these posts.

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